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  2. girlthatreads:

    February book haul

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  3. Some of my favourite photos of the gorgeous Lee Pace

    I always forget how great Lee Pace looks!

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  4. cassandraclare:

    Cover reveal and excerpt!

  5. kvotheunkvothe:



    that is the most fabulous fucking dressing gown I’ve ever seen and I want it

    Too funny!!

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  6. mkhunterz:

    The Holidays have come again, so you know what that means! Time for a Giveaway!!! Here are the rules:

    • must be following me
    • reblogs only, likes don’t count
    • maximum of ten entries (reblogs) per blog—any more will not count
    • no contest blogs
    • ships anywhere in the world!
    • contest ends on December 25th, 9pm EST
    • winner will be chosen by random number generator
    • winner’s ask box must be open; must respond within 24 hours
    • winners will be publicly announced once they are contacted
    • one grand prize winner for now, runner up prizes may be added!

    Have fun, and happy holidays!

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  7. busloadofnuns:

    9.02 Crowley + being a little shit

    Too funny!!

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  8. "Why are you such an ass?"
    "Everyone has to excel at something, right?"

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  9. So cool!!

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  10. How did Tumblr miss this joke?




    …………………….OH MY GOD

    Too funny!! And better yet it is coming from Patrick!

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