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    Lord Of The Rings Glow In The Dark Nenya Galadriel Ring

    Nenya Galadriel, one of the rings of power in the popular Lord of the Rings series, is known for protection, preservation, and concealment from evil. This rendition of Nenya Galadriel glows bright blue when worn in the dark and is crafted out of fine sterling silver. Sold on Etsy.

    So pretty!!

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  3. girlthatreads:

    February book haul

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  4. Some of my favourite photos of the gorgeous Lee Pace

    I always forget how great Lee Pace looks!

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  5. cassandraclare:

    Cover reveal and excerpt!

  6. kvotheunkvothe:



    that is the most fabulous fucking dressing gown I’ve ever seen and I want it

    Too funny!!

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    The Holidays have come again, so you know what that means! Time for a Giveaway!!! Here are the rules:

    • must be following me
    • reblogs only, likes don’t count
    • maximum of ten entries (reblogs) per blog—any more will not count
    • no contest blogs
    • ships anywhere in the world!
    • contest ends on December 25th, 9pm EST
    • winner will be chosen by random number generator
    • winner’s ask box must be open; must respond within 24 hours
    • winners will be publicly announced once they are contacted
    • one grand prize winner for now, runner up prizes may be added!

    Have fun, and happy holidays!

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    9.02 Crowley + being a little shit

    Too funny!!

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  9. "Why are you such an ass?"
    "Everyone has to excel at something, right?"

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  10. So cool!!

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